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Our in house engineering staff uses CAD/CAM technology to ensure your project moves smoothly from start to finish. A layout of the material strip or part progression will be discussed with our customer; stressing the differences in cost, tool performance and maintenance.

Our engineers have an average of 35 years of tooling experience and are all Journeyman Tool & Die makers. It is due to this extensive experience that we can suggest the most efficient and cost effective method to develop your tool. We are proud of our ability to engineer tooling that will utilize the least amount of production material and also be a highly functional die for our customers. All dies are fully detailed and built for die component replacement.

Our strength is prototype development. If you have a piece part print a part or a sketch we can engineer it to the production stage. Our engineering staffs tool and die education and experience makes them especially adapt at prototyping. For more information regarding our engineering capabilities or our engineering department.
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